Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage

Daylesford's main ingredient. Use massage and combine other treatments of your choice.
Our massages includes some gentle stretching techniques and massage of the neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands, legs and feet, scalp, emphasising on your trouble spots, or whatever you wish!
Relaxation                Deep Tissue 
$70   - 45 mins            $ 80   - 45 mins
$90   - 60 mins            $100  - 60 mins 
$130 - 90 mins            $140  - 90 mins 
Body Polish

Renew your whole body with this amazing combination of massage and exfoliation, leaving you with impeccably soft and glowing skin. Using sea salt, oils and essential oils, your skin will get a polish you will not forget ! Plus- all of your body gets washed down with hot towels- heaven!
$100 - 60mins

Foot Spa

Spa your feet in essential oils and salt, followed by a gentle foot scrub and a 20 min lie down foot massage to leave you "walking on clouds".
$70 - 45mins
for more foot pampering, see Foot Float, on our Packages Page


Includes professional massage of face and jaw, neck, shoulders and scalp and feet or hands. Use in combination with other treatments or on its own.
$90 - 60mins

Rejuvenating Facial
Counteracts damage from sun and pollution, resulting in a youthful glow !
$100 - 60 mins
$ 85  - 45 mins


A treatment for your emotional body - healing hands guide you to make a shift on a deep level, working with universal energy flow, promoting a profound experience of wellbeing.
$90 - 60mins


Glass suction cups placed on pressure points of the body to release deep tension, heat, cold or other pathogens. Used in combination with meridian massage.
$140 - 90mins

Organic Cocoa Butter
Body Wrap
Perfect for shedding dry winter skin!
Your treatment begins by removing your 'dead' skin with a stimulating dry brush massage. Next your body is massaged from head to toe in long gliding movements with warm & delicious organic cocoa butter. You are wrapped into warm sheets, and while your body soaks up the luscious cocoa butter you float away into an aromatic sandalwood head & scalp massage. Your skin will be silky smooth for days after! Divine!
$100 -60 mins
Pregnancy Massage or Package

Have your face cleansed and replenished with an organic facial after a much relieving back massage, using our wonderful 'face down' belly pillow or
have a healing Reiki with massage.
$130 - 90mins